To teach a child is a valuable thing,

but to get a child excited about learning...

that is where the real breakthrough occurs.

Success in the classroom begins at home. Oftentimes, though, it's hard to know just what our kids need academically. We want to support them, but there are barriers that lead to frustrations, and we just can't seem to get them to the point of breakthrough. It's a difficult journey to walk.

I will empower your child to learn and grow confidently, while equipping you with the tools to recognize strategies that are effective. Collaboratively, we'll establish a solid educational groundwork and instill a genuine passion for learning. Through this process, your child will experience significant academic growth, leading to a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

Interested In My Tutoring Services?

Tutoring services are offered at various times throughout the year - both in small-group and individual settings. Formats of sessions vary and are based upon specific needs of students. Academic testing will be conducted as part of the student’s first session and will include formal and informal evaluations. This testing will provide valuable insight into student needs and specific recommendations.

Sessions are built to meet students where they are. Oftentimes, this means revisiting those concepts that were introduced to students early on, then re-teaching and practicing until true mastery is attained. Students often struggle because mastery of the basics is not in place. This foundation is crucial. Without it, students will continue to be met with obstacles and face feelings of defeat. It is always my goal to get to the root cause rather than provding simple homework help. This requires time and commitment, but will bring lasting effects.

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