Equipping Teachers,

Empowering Students

With years of experience in education, it brings me great joy to offer my support and guidance to K-8 math educators. I am deeply committed to helping students succeed in the classroom.

Mathematics can be one of the most challenging subjects to teach. Keeping up with state standards, staying on pace with a textbook that really only allows you to gloss over material, and trying to differentiate instruction because you have students on varying levels is exhausting. I know your challenges and your deepest frustrations. I’ve walked this journey, have come alongside many teachers, and have spent significant time researching what works. Hear me when I say that it's not the latest technology or the next trendy teaching method that you need. Those things can be helpful and even fun, but without a strong mathematical foundation in place, they will always fall short.

As your partner in education, I will work with you, whether you're a school administrator or a classroom teacher, to identify and address the core needs of your students. You don't have to face these struggles alone. Together, we will break through and achieve success.