Giving You the Tools You Need to Help Your Students

THRIVE in Mathematics

Giving You the Tools You Need to Help Your Students

THRIVE in Mathematics

Teaching math can be hard.

I want to help with that.

Do your students struggle with confidence and competency in mathematics?

Do you often feel as though you are teaching concepts beyond your students' reach?

It doesn't have to be that way.

I will walk alongside you, and we will take your students back to the basics for just minutes a day - practicing those skills never quite mastered. Together, we will move them to mastery, build a solid foundation, and propel them forward.

Or, perhaps, you have a group of students in your classroom who are advanced well beyond the content being taught. With each lesson, you feel like you are just not giving them the challenge they need.

I know how hard it is to differentiate instruction. It's a constant struggle to find the balance. I've been there, too.

Through my extensive research and hours spent in classrooms working with teachers and students, I'll teach you how to effectively target what your students need - to keep things moving for those at the top of the class.

"I observed Leslie's interaction with students and how she cared about our students reaching their full potential. Her demeanor with the students was amazing as she was able to encourage students to try unfamiliar problems with a positive and composed manner.”

Amy Mangione, 4th Grade Teacher

"Leslie has a God-given ability to identify the strengths and weaknesses of students and develop individual strategies, building on a firm foundation of mastery. In addition, she is punctual, detailed, organized, and an excellent communicator.”

Brandi Knapper, 2nd Grade

"Mrs. Cornett was a pleasure to work with. She was a great teacher and advocate for my child.

My son enjoyed her teaching techniques and, as a parent, I was impressed with her ability to challenge him.”

Amanda Brown, Parent


It is my goal to equip teachers and school systems with the tools and resources needed to bring students to mastery of grade-level concepts and then move them beyond.

My desire is to see students confidently pursue excellence - not only in mathematics, but in all that they do. I want to help you see this in your students.


I'll help your child move forward with confidence, and I will give you the tools to understand which practices work.

Together, we will help your child build a solid foundation, develop strong study habits, cultivate independent-thinking skills, and get excited about learning so that true academic growth can take place and success can finally be felt.

I love teaching.

It lights me up to see a child break through and really begin to master concepts - to develop a confidence that was never thought possible.

Whether I am working with a student one-on-one, coaching teachers, implementing a new school-wide program, or simply stepping into classrooms to rally students to achieve, I have great joy in the work that I do.

"I am so grateful my daughter had the opportunity to learn from Mrs. Cornett! My child has always performed well in math, but thought it was boring and considered it one of her least favorite subjects. When given the opportunity to learn with Mrs. Cornett, her enthusiasm really grew and I saw so much growth in both knowledge and confidence. Mrs. Cornett did a good job making sure the content was fun and accessible so my daughter was excited to learn new and challenging material.

Catherine Hamilton, Parent

"Mrs. Cornett can help all kinds of kids, the ones who are really smart in math and ones who need more help.”

Cooper P., Student

"Mrs. Cornett always made sure you were not behind and she liked to make math fun by playing games.”

Walker P., Student

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